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Bindurekha Fashion Studio

Pune, Maharashtra
4.1/5, 11 ratings
- Neha Anand

"This is my first purchase with IndieBazaar. The seller name is Bindurekha and i just loved their unique products. The ear rings are uncommon and i recommended the webiste to all my friends when they asked me about the earrings i purchased. Will definitely buy again :)"

- Neha Khan
- Tosin
- Apoorva Pandey
- Rashmi Kamath

"Hi Leena, Thanks for the immediate response in exchanging the damaged item and support shown inspite of me being your first time customer.The exchange piece sent is superb. Keep it up! Cheers."

- Sneha Singh

"it ws awesm,,,,n d additional gift is jst waoow...thanks."

- Manju Gairola

"Thank you for the gift!"

- Ashmita Ahuja
- Dr.sheetal Singh
- Sangeeta
- Mrugakshi Mahajan

Bindurekha means a line of dots / a verse. Bindurekha products are a polished blend of designer creativity fuelled by designer findings, exotic stones and beads, assuring an exclusive product that stands out unlike mass produced items.
We have 3 series:
Attitude Series: Designer metal findings and exotic glass, wooden, ceramic and fancy beads.
Elegance Series: 92.5 silver findings fused with semi precious stones.
Bindurekha Pearls: Natural and shell pearls fused with semi precious stones and enamel/ mina work findings.

I have managed to pursue my passion of designing one-of-a-kind jewellery simultaneously with a career in the software industry. I was never a gold jewellery buff and always wanted something unique and different suiting my tastes. Since I did not like the mass produced jewellery available in showrooms, I started designing my own.

The focus was on creating something which was one of a kind or at least not readily available in the market. As requests and orders began to pile up, the need for an organized business enterprise that would provide quality products and efficient service became apparent. And hence this venture was born.


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No Returns. No Exchange accept for manufacturing defects.

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