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The klick Store

Mumbai, Maharashtra
4.6/5, 1 rating
- Zarana Jhaveri

The Klick Store offers a line of accessories handcrafted and designed by Karishma Lakdawalla. The accessories are a result of experimentation with a mixture of materials & techniques. Each piece is handcrafted with love & care.


Please allow 6 - 7 days for shipping.


We try our best to deliver quality products to our
customers. In case the product is damaged or not upto your expectations please email us at theklickstore@gmail.com within 2 days of receiving the products.

No cancellations entertained.
If the product is damaged while shipping, we will try to try to replace it or else we will refund your amount.

RETURNS- In case of returns, the shipping charges
have to be borne by the buyer.

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